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Very welcoming staff, very aware of the comfort of the patient.

- Michelle M

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Overall I had a wonderful experience. The staff all went out of their way to ensure that I was comfortable and that all my needs were addressed.

- Anonymous

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they made me feel very relaxed and I had excellent care

- Sue Rouchka

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I enjoyed having my root canal done by Dr. Knaup. Her and her staff are excellent to work with and they are very compassionate and understanding. If I ever have to have a root canal done again, I will be sure that Dr. Knaup is the one doing it. I highly recommend her and her office to others.

- Anonymous

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Everything went real well, everyone helpful.cannot think of anything different.

- Dianne H

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It couldn't have been any better. Many thanks to everyone!

- William (Bill) E

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This is the best root canal I have ever had! Thank you so much! 🙂

- Anonymous

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It was a very comfortable experience.

- Shelby W

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- Susan H

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Everyone was friendly and courteous.  A very professional office.


I would highly recommend Dr Majerus.  Marisa was very helpful.  Thanks!


I was very pleased with my treatment.  Great staff.  Thank you!


Best injections I ever had.


Very clean, comfortable, pleasant, kind, caring, efficient, professional.


I had heard horror stories of root canal experience but wow-your office was a great expeirence.  You ahve a welcoming staff, building, and wonderful Dr.  Thank you!


Despite my mix-up with payment, I was given top notch treatment by all staff!  Thank you so much!


This sounds weird, but I enjoyed seeing the dentist!


Truly apprecated your staff trying to get me in as soon as able given my circumstances.


Very good experience considering what I was anticipating.


You and your staff are very pleasant and professional.  Thank you


Dr Deb and Girls,

I want to tell you how grateful we are for the care you gave our son Ryan while he was your patient.  Ryan’s first dental experience was one that he was very comfortable with.  He does not mind gong to the dentist and you washed away any fear he had. Thank you!  Ryan’s family


Dr Majerus, I just wanted to Thank you and your assitants for the great job you did and how well it was handled in explaining it all.  Good to chew again.


I hate going to the dentist, but I have to admit, I didn’t mind too much this time!


Thank you all for the great care you provided.  You were all wonderful, professional, and caring in my time of need.  Can’t say enough great things about you.  Dr Majerus, Crystal, Nikki.


I never thought a root canal could be a good experience-but it was!  Thank you!!


Excellent, very satisfied!  Took a little while ot numb tooth-it went as well as it could.  Thank you!


Excellent care from everyone in the office.  You have the best staff.


Professional and kind staff.  Glad I chose your office for my root canal!


The whole procedure was nothing like I had expected.  Everything went smoothly and Melissa took good care explaining things.  Good job!


I was pleased with the dental work completed, the good care I received, and Dr Majerus’s professionalism and explanations of procedures. Thank you.  the moview was a good way to keep me distracted/less anxious about the procedure.


I liked watching the movie, it took my mind off of what was going on.  Thank you!


The call at home the day after surgery was appreciated.


Thank you for the tremendous service!


I was especially impressed with being included in the procedures by showing me the before and after images and being willing to work with me when I opted to save the tooth.  My first and previous experience with an endodontist didn’t include my input.  I was gassed, worked on, and sent home.  Thank you!


The staff and Dr Majerus explained what they were donig each step of the way.  This was my first and hopefully only root canal I will ever need, if not I know who to contact for treatment.


Very professional with attention to detail and making sure patient was informed of procedure and feeling comfrotable. Love the jaw resting apparatus and rubber debris catcher.  Great Job!


No surprises, very well cared for!


I was very impressed and would highly recommend Dr Majerus for treatment


Dr Majerus is the best!  Excellent care, very professional, clearly an expert in her field.  Made a full recovery in only 3 days!  Thank you!


Everything was great!  A very positive experience!


I have never experienced better dental care ever.  I’m embarassed that I put this off so long thinking it would be a miserable experience.  Can a root canal be fun? Mine (3) were!


Everything was great!  Keep doing what you’re doing!


From the front desk, assistants, dentist, and back out the door my experience was pleasurable.  and the atmosphere is very peaceful.  Thank you!


Appreciated the communication on what to expect.  Procedure was completed at my expectations.  Thanks!


I was so scared, but everyone was helpful and kind.  No pain!  That was great.  Wonderful staff who made sure I was ok!  Thank you so much:)


I really appreciate that I was able to come in when I needed to on an emergency basis and have the root canal right away.  Once again you took GREAT care of me!  Thanks


Great experience!  This was my third root canal, but my first with you.  I appreciate how soon I was seen, reasonable rates, painless experience.  I’ll be back!


Very impressive office “awesome”!:)  Staff very professional.  Comfortable setting-not uneasy.  Thank you!


I was very nervous going into the procedure, and it turned out I had nothing to worry about.  No pain!!


I appreciated the conversation, discussions, disclosures, updates, review of pictures and x-rays, etc. with me.  I felt a part of the team, and informed; better able to be a part of my healthcare.  I appreciate Dr. Majerus taking my perspective, including pain management.  ***Gold standard care***


Dr. Majerus, you are the best!  A root canal – a pleasant experience?!  You and your wonderful staff made it that way!  Thanks!!


I was beyond impressed with Dr K and the whole staff.  A very professional and caring practice.  Thank you!l


No pain, no pain meds you’re good enough to do pain free root canals.


Very welcoming atmosphere.  ALL very friendly and concerned that you not be in any pain during your treatment.  Very good at keeping you informed about every step of the treatment.


Technology since my last root canal is impressive.  Teaching helped quell my anxiety, thank you.  Facility with fountain was very calming.


Thank you for taking such good care of me!!


Great experience-especially for someone with a strong fear of dentists.  Thanks.


Excellent care.  I have recommended Dr. Majerus to all friends and family for their root canal needs.


I can’t say enough positive things about my experience there.  Fantastic care in every aspect!  Kudos to an exemplary team of professionals.


This is a fantastic practice.  Extremely talented doctor.  Willing to work with you.  They care about your comfort.  Marvelous state of the art equipment shows everything.  Kept my home dentist informed.  Fabulous doctor!!  Thank you, Dr. Majerus.


Dr Majerus, thank you so much for getting me in so quickly.  I had a great experience at your office really liked everyone.  Thank a bunch!


Dr. Majerus and staff were very kind, caring, and gentle on my mouth!  It was a much more pleasant experience than I thought I would have with my first root canal.  Thank you, gals!


The professional atmosphere gave me confidence.  Considering my level of fear when I came in, I left feeling comfortable and relieved.  Thank you.


Extremely friendly and knowledgable.  Made sure I knew step by step what would happen.  Excellent care!


Professional and kind staff.  Gald I chose your ofice for my root canal!


Crystal=Excellent You all work with a very “soft gloves approach”, Everyone was great.


I liked watching the movie, it took my mind off of what was going on.  Thank  you


Thank you for getting me in so fast and being able to complete the procedure in one visit.  I really appreciated that!


Very professional, good patient teaching.  Would definitely come back if I need more root canal work!


I especially liked that Dr. Majerus said I could call her cell after hours if necessary.  Thanks!


I wanted to say thank you to you and Melissa for taking care of me.  I felt like the care was excellent and it was completely pain free after the numbing.  AND you numb like I do!!  Very well!  I appreciate that, too!


Very professional with attention to detail and making sure patient was informed of procedure and feeling comfortable.  Love the jaw resting apparatus and rubber debris catcher.  Great Job!


Will highly recommend your office.  No pain during procedure except scratch on head from instrument and a “zinging” during novicaine.


Melissa did great:) and Dr Majerus was very gentle!  Thank you!!


Very good communication.  Appreciate the reminder email and phone calls. Everyone was courteous.


I was expecting the worst!  Everything was completely not that!  As I said after, “a piece of cake”


Overall impression is excellent care, competent and caring.  I was very satisfied witht eh staff and their courtesy and professionalism.  Everything was explained before the procedure was done so I knew what to expect.  I was very impressed with afterhour availability.


Only real pain came when additional novacaine was needed.


Providing a distraction such as a movie was very helpful.  I was rather anxious at first but once I realized I could trust the humans and the equipment, it was a breeze!


I appreciated dr’s decision to use antibiotics.  comfortable office and pleasant staff.


I really appreciate how I was treated the relaxed atmostphere and friendliness was great!  Thanks so much.


My first root canal experience-I was worked in and kind of a mess when I came in.  My fears and pain were alleviated quickly.  For a root canal, it was a great and positive experience.  Thanks!


The care was excellent.  Your hygeniest was super.  The overall procedure went better than I had expected, no pain or gaging. Thank you Dr Majerus.


All members of your staff are very professional.  I would highly recommend anybody I know that needs a root canal to see you.  Thanks!


I was a very nervous patient.  Dr Majerus and staff could not have been nicer. They were so calm and explained everything to me.  Thank you for the follow up phone call:)


For something I’ve heard horror stories about this was a non-event.  Thank  you


Your follow up call showed how much you care for your patients.  it was appreciated


The experience was much better than I expected.  I would recommmend this office to anyone who needs the care.


I would recommend you to everyone


Thank you all so much for putting me at ease.  I was very nervous  I appreciated you seeing me the second time for the adjustment, you have a great staff and beautiful office.  I would recommend anyone needing a root canal to you:)


Although I was very nervous about experiencing pain during my procedure the staff (especially Melissa) and Dr Majerus worked very hard to make sure everything went well for me.  The movie  put me at ease as well as the chit chat betwen Dr Majerus and Melissa as they worked.  This showed me that they were comfortable with my procedure.


Everything was great, the staff was really helpful and kind.  It all made sense to me, and it wasn’t painful to me at all


Thank you for being to attentive to me.  I felt like I was the only one here!


The staff are very caring and compassionate.  Also very professional.  Dr Majerus and her team are wonderful!


Very impressed.  Also, on a side note, I appreciated you taking a phone call from my father about his root canal complication.  He was in town visiting us.


The whole procedure was nothing like I had expected.  Everything went smoothly and Melissa took good care explaining things.  Good job!


The staff made me as comfortable as possible.  Root canals are not something people wanna do but if it has to be done, this is the palce to go!  Great work and thank you so much!  It is great to be pain free:)


Like most people I am not crazy about dental work, but if all dentist personnel were as courteous, professional, and friendly as you and your staff it would be great!  Thank you much.


Thank you so much!  All of you are awesome!  Crystal, thank you for all you did.  Dr Majerus, you are a real professional the best!  Your assistant was also excellent!  Thank you for everything-all of you are awesome!


Dental procedures can be quite traumatic for me.  Dr Majerus and her staff put me at ease.  I’ve had root canals performed by other Dr’s when my experience wasn’t a good one.  Great job Dr Majerus and staff!


I was  happy to see the use of electronic record keeping to reduce cost.  I was comfortable during the procedure.  Thanks again!


I was nervous about having my first root canal, but Dr Majerus and her staff quickly set my mind at ease.  I’d recommend her office without hesitation to others.


I really appreciated the care and time taken to ensure that I understood the procedure and that I was comfortable


Very professional with attention to detail and making sure patient was informed of procedure and feeling comfortable.  Loved the jaw resting apparatus and rubber debris catcher.  Great job!


The root canals were so painless, I actually fell asleep during both of them.


Thank you for working me in earlier last week.  I don’t think I could have survived the pain until this week.  More pleaseant experience than I would have expected.


Thank you for professionalism and willingness to work with Dr’s Assad and Calcagno to ensure best possible outcome.


Dr Majerus,   Thanks to you and your staff for your very kind professionalism you showed me on Wednesday.  Visiting you all in that lovely office setting was a positive experience!  I wish ou all a blessed Easter and happy Spring.


Very professional staff, and nice, relaxing office.  Stress free and caring.  Thank you


I appreciated your services.  Next time I need a root cnal, I am coming to you first to have it done!


Although root canals are not my most favorite thing to do, if it has to be done, your office is the place for me. P.S. i liked the movie!


Overall good experience considering the fact it was a painful-lengthy procedure.  Dr Majerus is very caring.  Thank you!


I was very happy with the staff and how well the treatment went.  I would recommend this office!


Appreciated the call indicating a bit of a wait and to arrive later.  Melissa had wonderful technique for numbing painlessly.  Very clear explanation of options in a way I could understand.  The movie glasses were a great idea.


To notch, very professional, and courteous care


The doctor explained the procedure very well.  I felt relaxed and confident and I didn’t have any apin.  The office was very pleasanat and comfortable.


Very professiona staff-helpful-answered questions (even by phone) very clearly.  Dr Majerus gave options!!:)


Excellent care!  The place was very calming and the DVD provided during the procedure helped me to relax!  Would highly recommend!


I hate going to the dentist, but I have to admit, I didn’t mind too much this time!


Hello Dr Majerus and staff!

i just wanted to say thank you again for everything.  It was great that you were able to offer me an earlier appointment…my method of self-medication with cocktails to get a decent night’s sleep is probably not the best “long term solution”, ha!  Crystal was AWESOME helping me set up a payment schedule that worked for me, and doing all of the paperowrk. Thanks also for helping calm me down before and during the process-I am a bit more on the “wussier” side:) of procedures involving needles, and Melissa was FABULOUS!!  I will definitely ( and have already) recommend your office to everybody I know.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!




Of all the root canals i’ve previously had-this one by far, surpasses the quality of care and absence of pain of all of them!  Great Job!!


Hi, Crystal.  Thanks for the call.  Virtually no pain.  Next week the crown work begins.

The day after I saw you, I had an extensive eye-exam with photographs…and no novocaine.  Honestly, those flashing lights were much more painful than a root canal. So I’ve been joking with everyone that I prefer a root canal to…most anything else that’s uncomfortable.  You made it a good experience.  And I’ve highly recommended Dr Majerus to several contacts.

Have a great weekend.


You have this experience down to an art form!  Congratulations-your caring shows!  I’d never go anywhere else!  Thank you!  Worth the drive (2 hrs) 🙂


Dr Majerus, Thank you so much for getting Pete in so quickly..  He had a great experience at your office and really liked everyone.  Thanks also for the proffesional discount, we really appreciated it.  Thanks a bunch.


I was so scared, but everyone was helpful and kind.  No pain!  That was great, wonderful staff who made sure I was ok!  Thank you so much:)


I would highly recommend them to anyone. Also very easy to get to!


Use of technology to educate about procedure very effective. Compared my tooth to text on screen.


Good job!  You did an excellent job of explaining what needed to be done and making sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure.  Thanks


Although I was very nervous about experiencing pain during my procedure the staff (especially Melissa) and Dr Majerus worked very hard to make sure everything went well for me.  The movie put me at ease as well as the chit chat between Dr Majerus and Melissa as they worked.  This showed me that they were comfortable with my procedure.


All the people were great.  the treatment results are excellent and the office area is beautiful.


Very impressive office “awesome”!  Staff very professional!  Comfortable settign, not uneasy.  Thank you!


Dear Dr Majerus,

Thank you very much for the work you and your staff provided in efforts to save my teeth.  I appreciate everything you have done.

Best wishes to you and  your staff.  Have a happy “fall” season.


I was beyond impessed with Dr K and the whole staff.  A very professional and caring practice.  Thank you!


New Modern office and equipment.  Very professional yet client friendly.  You made me feel welcome and comfortable.


Great experience.  Espcailly for someone with a strong fear of dentists.  Thanks:)


Thank you for making what used to be dreaded dental treatment a real breeze.  You all do a great job!


We were a week away from a cruise that we had been planning for 15 years, when I experienced severe tooth pain and abcess.  Dr Majerus quickly got me in for a root canal.  The cruise was the vacation of a lifetime and all pain free!


Have already recommended you and your team to other! Thank you so much-Linda


A great outcome on an uncomfortable and painful tooth.  Glad you were able to get me in before a 12 day vacation.  Thank you.  Tim


I felt you were concerned about me.  Everyone had a smile.  Good repoire with Dr Majerus


Very impressed with the staff.  Beautiful bulding and decor.


This was a positive experience.  The staff was excellent.  The movie was a great touch-very relaxing.


Dear Dr Majerus, Thank you again for helping me in my time of need.  You did excellent!! work.

Nancy R

If I were the CEO and needing to hire your entire team; I would attempt to bring your entire team on board immediately.


If I ever had to, I would go to see her without hesitation.  Very caring!


I am very pleased with the great care and your explanation of each procedure you did.  I am getting along very good.  Thank you


 Extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  Made sure i knew step by step what would happen.  Excellent care!


Very impresed with the care you give to your patients.


Excellent Care!  Much attention to comfortability of patient.  Very nice staff.


If I have to have another procedure I will come back. Try to get the DVD thing working.  It is a great distraction.  Thanks


Thanks for accomodating my needs.


Very happy with work done.  Calcified canal, difficult procedure.  I am very grateful.


From the time I entered the door, I was treated with great respect.  They were all very friendly and professional.  Thank you.


I would definitely refer people to you.  The movie is great-really helped to have something else to occupy my mind.  You all were great.  Thanks!!


Your job was well done.  Keep up the good work.  Thanks for the check up call, the next day.  I’m impressed.


Everyone was kind and caring.  Excellent job in communicating through each step.  Thank you Dr Majerus, Melissa, and Crystal.


Thanks for making me feel comfortable at my appointment.  Your kindness means a lot.  Thanks!!


Very clean and soothing.  I have never seen such respect and teamwork that the team (staff) showed for each other.  Very comforting to know the procedure because it makes it less of a threat.  Only when receiving the novicaine did I feel pain.  I would recommend Dr Majerus and her staff to anyone.  They are awesome


I’m very hapy with everything.  You explained things and answered all my questions.  You guys are great.


Thanks for a relatively pain free experience!  Happy Holidays to all of you!


My fragile, infected, extremely painful, 60 year old molar was saved!!  I was very, very impressed with Dr Majerus and her team!  Thank  you


I would definitely refer people to you.  The movie is great really helped to have something else to occupy my mind.  You all were great-Thank!!


I don’t think I have had any pain worse than child birth, but it was close!  Thank you for doing what you could for me under the unforseen situation!  You have a great staff!  Love the movie glasses and water soother in lobby.


Very little pain after treatment


Dr Majerus did an awesome job on my tooth.  Thanks for a job well done.


It was excellent.  I had gone to my regular dentist and it has been very painful.  Your care was almost painless!  Thank you!


Excellent care,  very satified


Worst pain was with tapping and cold applied to molar.  Next day I had very little pain.  Yea!  I appreciated being shown the x-ray pre and post procedure very helpful, Thanks.


I will return for all of my root canals!  Next time I will try the movie glasses.


Thank you all for your work.  You are all very approachable and fun to visit with.


Both Dr Majerus and Melissa are outstanding.  The best!!  And so is Crystal.


Visually appealing office space.  Warm friendly competent doctor and staff.  Made me feel comfortable andSAFE!!


I just walked to the bus (numbness is now gone) with no pain when I opened my mouth!  Even with the cold air!  Thank you!


I would like to commend the staff on your excellent service and care.  I have had two other root canals done and this experience at your office was by far the best.  Thank you!


Very informative and educational about the procedure and my follow up cares.  Look forward to seeing you all in a year.


Lovely office, great staff.


Melissa was great.  The technique she used for administering the novocaine made me not even notice the shot.  Some days I’d rather have a root canal than go to work.  It was easy!


Very calming, relaxed environment!  Loved watching a movie to distract from procedure and length of appointment.


My dad was very pleased with service and friendliness of the staff.


Everything about my procedure and day I had the root canal was helped by you, your staff, scenery from your window, etc!


Great job done!! Thank you!


I especially appreciated having the procedure explained so well before it was done.  Pain was well-managed.  Friendsly staff.  Thank  you!


This was my “1st” experience and it was tops!!  I will spread the word…Thank you!


Dr Majerus and staff did an excellent job with my care.  Dr Majerus is extremely caring and knowledgeable and I would recommend her for endodontic treatment.


Very friendly and professional service.


Very well done to a very apprehensive patient.  Thanks!


Excellent service-very professional staff.  Dr Majerus is the best at her job and explains things very well.  Would certainly recommend her to others.


Excellent care, very satisfied, great people, fast pain free


Everything about my procedure and day I had the root canal was helped by you, your staff, scenery from you window, etc.


Thank you for listening to my concerns and answering my questions.


You and your staff were wonderful!  I will come again if needed!


Dr Majerus, You folks were great!  Thank you for your timely response to my problems in April 2012.


I was really impressed with my visit.  I know my tooth was being difficult to numb.  I also liked the fact I could watch a movie – good idea!


I have several friends who have said they would rather have a baby than a root canal – they are truly not going to Dr. Majerus’s office for their dental work.  This was the first time and only time the dental work did not hurt!  No wonder you’re located on “Superior” drive!!


From the moment you walked in you felt special.  Went above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.  Dr. Majerus could not have been nicer.  She explained everything to my understanding.  I have been to other specialty doctor offices, but Dr. Majerus and staff surpassed them all.  You’re great!


Best root canal I ever had done – painless.  Watching a movie during the procedure was great!


Dr. Majerus and her staff are very professional and knowledgeable!  Thanks for being so concerned with my comfort as a patient.  I hope to not need another root canal, but if I do, I will definitely be back to Dr. Majerus’s office for it!


Hi Dr. Majerus,

I really can’t thank you enough for another successful treatment!  I had agonized about that tooth for the better part of two years and at one point thought it would just be easier to have it pulled.  Boy would that have been a mistake!  You have changed my opinion of dentistry in general and root canals specifically….THANK YOU!


I thank you so much for accomodating my urgent need to be seen.  You have an outstanding operation starting with online record.


Dear Dr. Majerus,

My name is Susan ….. and I was a patient of yours in Colorado Springs. You did several root canals on my tooth…. I am writing because I wanted you to know what the dentist (a 30-year veteran) and his assistant (a 28-year veteran) said about your work. When the assistant saw the X-ray, she said, “That is the most beautiful root canal I have ever seen!” Then the dentist came in and said, “…Whoever did your root canal is amazing. I have never seen such a perfect procedure, especially on a second molar.” Thank you for your work on my tooth. The people in your new town are lucky to have you as their Endodontist!



Dear Dr. Majerus,

I just wanted to thank you for your very professional and caring treatment of my rather difficult root canal problem. I really appreciated that you took the time to understand my medical history and that you were so careful in making sure that roots were completely infection-free before you filled them.

Many thanks also to your very friendly and caring staff.



Hi Deb,

Just thought I should pass along compliments of your treatment of Barbara D., who swears you are the best dentist she’s ever seen.

Kudos to you.  Way to go!

Dr. John Fleming

Dr. Majerus,

Thank you for going the extra mile.  This was the best experience I’ve ever had in a dental office.


This was a VERY positive experience in every way!  Thank you sincerely for saving my tooth and your excellent care skills!   Hazel


I especially appreciated that follow up call as I was concerned about pain and had some questions.  You and your staff are good at what you do.  Thank you!


Very kind and compassionate.  I would recommend Dr. Majerus to anyone who needed this type of treatment.  Excellent!


Thank you very much for the professional care that I received.  I was impressed by your thoroughness.  The movie glasses helped to keep my mind off of it.  Thanks!


Thank you to Dr. Majerus and the rest of the staff for the least stressful appointment I have had in the last year.


I dreaded getting the numbing shots but did not feel it at all.  What a pleasant surprise!  No pain at all


So nice of your office to call and check up on me today.  I’m doing great.


The whole procedure was nothing like I had expected.  Everything went smoothly and Melissa took good care explaining things.  Good Job.


My fears of the dentist were put to the side once I sat in the chair.  The atmosphere and people made me as relaxed as I could be:)


Never having this procedure before but hearing horror stories the experience has been good so far(24 hours later).  Impressive staff and office.  I hope the rest of the healing goes this well.


One of the best dental experiences I have ever had!  and I have “dental phobia”!!


I had a very good experience-staff was great!  #1 care in my book, I was taken care of very well!!


A fantastic dental care experience!  It was worth every penny!


Ordinarily, I have major anxiety with any procedure.  However, I felt super relaxed and calm.  I loved watching a movie.  That device is fantastic!


Truly appreciated your staff trying to get me in as soon as able given my circumstances.


This sounds weird, but I enjoyed seeing the dentist!