Root Resorption Treatment


With advanced imaging we are becoming more aware of the prevalence of internal or external root resorption. There are many types of patterns of resorptions, and some are very amenable to treatment with surgery and/or root canal treatment, some are not.

There are some risk factors associated with root resorptions, like trauma or congenital defects in the tooth development, but often we cannot pinpoint one particular cause.  Essentially what happens is normal cells within the tooth or bone (odontoclasts or dentinoclasts) attach to the root structure, and start to secret an acid which dissolves some of the tooth away.  It often starts in one pinpoint location, and then can spread from there.  Sometimes it will arrest and remain stable for years, but we cannot predict which will do this.  Some cases are amenable to treatment, some are not.  Your endodontist will explain the details of your particular case and recommendations for you.